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You are currently connected to the Tahaa Tour Excursion website in French Polynesia.You are currently connected to the Tahaa Tour Excursion website in French Polynesia.
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In accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, known as the Data Protection Act, you have at all times the right of opposition (article 26 of the law), access (art. Law) and rectification (article 36 of the law) of the data concerning you. Thus, you may require that any information about you that is inaccurate, incomplete, out of date, be corrected, supplemented, clarified or deleted.

Database rights

2.1 The entire site is defined as a database within the meaning of the Directive of 11 March 1996 and its transposition into French law in the Law of 1 July 1998 (Article L. 341-1 et seq.). As such, the Producer authorizes exclusively the uses and accesses defined in paragraph 3 Copyright.2.2 Any use or extraction of elements of the site not authorized by the Producer is unlawful and penalized by the offense of counterfeiting referred to below.


3.1 All the elements of the website, including: graphics, wallpapers, images, logos, chips and signatures, are also the subject of an intellectual property right of the Producer under the copyright on these elements or On the website as an author's work or as a database.

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  • Reproduction strictly reserved for the private use of the copyist and not intended for collective use.
  • Reproduction, dissemination or representation as defined in contracts with the Tahaa Tour Excusion.
  • Short quotations: the short quotations of the texts present on the Site are legitimate insofar as they are integrated into a new work, on the express condition not to modify the works cited to formally delimit them (quotation marks or distinctive typography) And to mention the source (this site) and the authors.

3.4 Any other exploitation of the contents present on the site, including republication on other sites, Internet or intranet, implies the agreement of the producer and the authors concerned.

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3.6 Any infringement of the rules of copyright or the right of databases is liable to criminal penalties for the offense of infringement, without prejudice to possible claims for damages from the rightholders.

Modification of the general conditions of use

We reserve the right to modify or discontinue our services as required for any reason and without notice, including the right to terminate our services with or without notice, without liability to You, any other user or other third party. We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use as required and without notice; To be informed of any changes, we recommend that you review these Terms of Use regularly.

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