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Should I book the tour?
It is always best to book the tour one to two days before the date you want to do it. This facilitates meal planning and the number of cars for the raod trip. In addition we can be complete and we could offer you alternate days.
Who do I contact to register?
Inquire with the person in charge of your hotel or pension or call 87 71 90 53 ou 89 52 69 97 (Vini-cellular) or write to: . The Sunset Beach Motel, one of the most famous resorts in the world of travelers who visit the sacred island, has been offering Edwin's tour for many years to all its residents.
When and how can we pay for the excursion?
Edwin does not accept payment by credit card . It accepts cash or check (if you have an account in French Polynesia's bank). You can pay the tour directly to Edwin on your return to Uturoa.
Note: The pearl farm accepts bank cards (if you decide to buy a souvenir).
Do I have to bring money to buy souvenirs?
Yes. If you wish, you can buy vanilla or pearls during the tour.
Note: the pearl farm accepts payment by credit cards.
Where the tour start?
The departure is from Raitea amin marina which is located in downtown Uturoa near the Shell gas station.
What are the hours for the excursion?
As a general rule, the excursion begins between 8:30 and 9 am from downtown Uturoa and the return is around 4 pm (at the same place).
Do you pick us up at our hotel or pension?
No. As a general rule, hotels and guesthouses in Raiatea offer to take you to downtown Uturoa, the starting point of the excursion. If you have a car, you can easily let it park at the Uturoa's port in front of the grocery shop "Champion".
Are meals and drinks included in the price?
Yes. A large family meal, consisting mainly of raw and cooked fish (freshly caught) will be served in a shaded and airy area where toilets will be at your disposal. Bottled water will accompany your meals and if you wish, a coffee will be served after the dessert. In addition, you will be offered fresh fruit and coconut on the boat.
Should I bring water?
As a precaution it is always better to have a bottle of water with you.
Are we going to eat on a motu?
We made the choice to make you discover all the facets of Tahaa and to visit in one day the lagoon with its coral garden and to make the tour of the island in 4 x 4. Eating on a motu would not leave us the time to discover all the small villages of Tahaa and its secrets that Edwin will share with you.
Can children make the excursion?
Yes. Children of all ages are welcome although we do not encourage you to do this excursion with a baby.
Is it necessary to bring mask and snorkel?
Yes. The coral garden is full of multicolored fish and you might even get a chance to spot black-tipped sharks. Without a mask and snorkel, you will be unable to discover this underwater richness. We have some masks and snorkels that we lend, but they are not of high quality and in small quantity.
Is it necessary to have shoes to walk in the water?
Yes. This type of shoes are very useful when we walk back to the coral garden on the motu which is nearby. They are also very useful when you swim in the coral garden. You can also use fins, but they are not really necessary since a current carries you throughout the coral garden. If you wish to swim with your fins, Yvann will carry your savates (tong) for you and you will be able to evolve your hands free between the coral "potatoes" (we also have some plastic shoes to walk in the water but in small quantities and not in all sizes).
What kind of boat do you use?
We built a Polynesian pirogue specially for the excursion. The pirogue pitches less than monohull boats, it slips on the water and splits the waves when the lagoon is a little agitated. It is therefore perfectly adapted for people with seasickness. The Edwin's pirogue is covered and you will be protected from the sun and possible showers. So you can take pictures or simply enjoy the scenery.
What should we bring with us?
Here is a small list of things you should bring with you to do the tour: Mask and tuba. Sunscreen (index 30). Mosquito repellent. Footwear for walking in water. A small bottle of Water (as a precaution). Camera (if possible that can go underwater). Beach towel.

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