Taha'a, one of the most beautiful islands of Polynesia

Discover Taha'a, the island of the famous and unique vanilla of Tahiti, with its splendid coral garden.

Taha'a, le charme de la Polynésie d'antan

Taha’a is just a few minute ferryride from Raiatea’s airport. The vanilla island inspires the charm of French Polynesia of yesteryear. The island looks like a huge colorful and scented garden where vanilla, a precious orchid, reigns as princess. It is indeed in Taha’a that 80% of the famous Tahitian vanilla is produced. It is the connoisseurs’ first choice of vanilla. Planters happily explain to the visitors the complexity to produce this spice of which one can smell the perfume all over the island.

Taha’a is also a superb lagoon, much appreciated by sailors who like to moor in the deep bays, quiet and beautiful. Put your mask on and discover pristine coral gardens around the motu.

3 good reasons to stay in Taha’a

The authentic charm of the island

Time seems to have stopped in Taha’a, a secretive and secluded island. While strolling along paths across the island, travelers will discover important but unspoiled vegetation.

Vanilla discovery

Discovering the secrets of vanilla in its natural environment will make you like it even more. A unique and precious vanilla tasting like paradise: vanilla tahitensis. A know-how – or art should we say – acquired over time and experience, is required to grow this exquisite spice. Just like patient alchemists, specialists pamper their vanilla for many months before the miracle happens...

A big fish tank

Feel like Robison Crusoe, lying on the fine sand dotted with beautiful palm trees, facing crystal clear water on the motu of Taha’a. The scenery is perfect in and out of the water: many coral heads to snorkel will unveil a rich underwater life.

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